Friday, October 17, 2008

Application Developer

Application Developer needed for a High Growth Internet company producing tremendous financial results

with ambitious growth plans located in Rochester, MN.

This position will be assist in developing applications for an international client chain and internal support systems. The duties for this position include simple troubleshooting and support
for existing web applications, development of exciting new applications and features, and documentation.

Qualifications include:

Degree or certification in related field.

2-3 years experience with L.A.M.P. development (Linux, Apache, MySQL, & Php)

2-3 years experience with Php and MySQL programming (or other relational SQL queries).

Prefered qualifications:

Knowledge of Perl, Bash scripting, JavaScript, or other programming languages

Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE)

This person must be flexible, team oriented, self motivated, excellent customer service and communication skills and capable of working in a very fast paced environment.

Send resume’ to:

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Google Apps
Google Apps Demo
Business Editions

  1. $50 / user / year ($1250 / 25 users / year)
    1. this is basically another..
      1. employee
      2. server
      3. backup system
      4. support
    2. ... for a very small cost.
  2. 24/7 support
  3. shared contacts with company

  1. Google Gears
    1. Allows to download most Google Apps so they are available offline.
  2. Gmail
    1. Mobile Access for most applications on Google Apps
      1. iPhone
      2. Blackberry
      3. other
    2. LARGE email storage (25 GB per user)
    3. shared contacts with company
    4. Security / Backup
    5. IMAP and Webmail support
    6. No VPN needed
    7. Google spam/phishing filtering
    8. Exchange Mail Migration Tool (move mails from Exchange to Gmail)
    9. Policy management and message recovery
    10. Automated backup of all accounts
    11. Shared Contacts
    12. No account limit
    13. Advanced Search options
    14. Integrated instant messaging (webmail)
    15. Ads are optional with Corp. Account
    16. VERY unlikely to get blacklisted being on Goggle servers
  3. Calendars
    1. Conference room and resource scheduling
    2. Shared Calendars
    3. Sync with Outlook
    4. Mobile access
    5. Integrated API (add callbacks to calendar, timoff...)
  4. Google Talk
    1. integrated into Gmail
    2. Shared contacts with Gmail
    3. VOIP chat with voicemail
    4. file transfers over chat
    5. Mobile Access (iPhone, Blackberry, other)
    6. No need for pigeon unless want other systems
    7. no need to update/save contacts to other system, available on any web browser
  5. Google Sites
    1. Intranet
    2. collabrative site pages for groups to edit
  6. Google Docs
    1. word documents
    2. spreadsheets
    3. presentations
    4. No need for purchase of Office Suites
    5. Supports uploading and saving as many standard formats (.doc, .pdf, .xls,...)
Custom urls (,,
Tool to Remotely backup Google Accounts (not really needed since they do a backup also)

Additional login (unless using outlook with saved login)
Admin 2 systems
adding users
removing users

Monday, May 26, 2008